About Us

Super Glaze is a locally owned and operated company specializing in bathtub and tile re-glazing, counter-top and cabinet resurfacing.  We don't only Super Glaze yours, we're one of our largest clients. We practice what we preach, we guarantee to out shine and out last the life of your home.  Our Glazing Team has been specifically trained using the Topkote exclusive product and procedures. Topkote Products offers a unique and proven 100% reliable re-glazing system. The system was developed from the ground up specifically for re-glazing by re-glazers.


Not only does Super Glaze pride itself on the very best product and procedures, we WILL amaze you with impeccable customer service and communication that will exceed ALL your expectations.


What makes Super Glaze stand above its competitors? Easy, our customer service.  We will keep your confidence for the entire project.  Second, the use of top quality TOPKOTE products for re-glazing of bathtubs, tiles and cabinets. With over 30 years of experience in the resurfacing and re-glazing industry, TopKote has managed to formulate a state of the art 3 process protocol for the most amazing glaze job you will ever witness. Modernize and update those dingy, ugly bathtubs and tiles in a way that they look like brand new ones. Our cost effective refinishing solutions are available for almost any surface in your Kitchen or Bathroom. Don’t open a can of worms by pulling all the tile off the wall.  Don’t replace it, Super Glaze It.


Our special TOPKOTE resurfacing and re-glazing products will shine up your kitchen and/or bath tubs in about 3-4 hours and make them look like brand new. Super Glaze expert glazers are highly qualified and experienced in this industry and they know well how to treat customer’s property with great care.


Our team of glazers are very qualified and full of professional attitude and that is why we have never heard any complaints about our work and work teams behavior. The sole purpose of Super Glaze is to deliver perfection and we know nothing less than that! Get your kitchen or bath re-glazed with our TOPKOTE (the industry leading resurfacing and re-glazing products) resurfacing solutions.