Happy Homeowners

Homeowners.... Bathroom and kitchen remodels are extremely expensive, stressful and time consuming adventure. Finding a replacement tub or matching tile that meets your needs may take many days to weeks.  Super Glaze eliminates all those issues. Don't replace it when you can Super Glaze it!

Super Glaze is not like any other refinishing or re-glazing services available in the town. With an expert team of professional re-glazing workers and high quality latest technology equipment, Super Glaze is one of the best companies available in Central Florida. We believe in customer satisfaction and top notch services because customer satisfaction is our utter success. We do not count how many customers we have dealt with but how many satisfied customers we have added to our long line of loyal customers. Super Glaze believes in timely delivery of all work without any disturbance to the property of home owners.

Home rebuilding and renovation is an expensive thing and we appreciate that you decide to take this step with Super Glaze. Unlike other local companies, Super Glaze’s expert renovation and re-glazing experts first visit your site and check what kind of necessary renovation or re-glazing work is required. We work on cost effective solutions by using best quality TOPKOTE products to restore the lost beauty of your bathroom or kitchen. With our fully customized bathroom and kitchen re-glazing solutions, you can give your home a new life at very low rates.

What makes Super Glaze stand above its competitors is the timely delivery of required work with perfection. If we say that your work will be done in 4 hours that means we are going to finish it within 3 and half hours and the rest of the time will be spent in after work inspection and confirmation of work. We provide full guarantee of our work by explaining each and everything to our clients. We also give a guarantee that your bathtub or sink will not get out of shape for a set period of time if you will take care of it according to our suggestions.

Super Glaze is working hard along with its customers to make a huge list of happy home owners all over the town.