Intelligent Investor

Landlords.... Our investor packages will allow you to update units without emptying your bank account. Kitchen and bathroom updates will increase your monthly rent by a minimum of 10%. Don't replace it when you can Super Glaze It! Just Glaze It!


Super Glaze is expert in refinishing the old looking houses by repainting their floors, re-glazing old bathrooms, bathtubs, kitchens, kitchen cabinets, sinks and everything else that requires refinishing. With our cost effective solutions and ultimate quality of work, you can give your property a new look and increase its value within days. If you are worried about the condition of your property’s floor and planning to change it then it’s not the right time to do it because Super Glaze has a solution for you.

Super Glaze offers cost effective and amazing floor repainting, tile repairing and re-bonding work with great perfection. We can change color of tiles, polish them up by using TOPKOTE products and increase value and life of your property by adding a classic touch of craftsmanship. We care for your investment and that is why we always come up with latest refinishing and re-glazing solutions for our customers.

Tenants will pay more when bathrooms and kitchens look brand new. Super Glaze can increase the rental value of your property. Do not worry about paying too much because we have high quality cost effective solutions for all your refinishing and re-glazing needs. Contact Super Glaze for amazing refinishing services NOW!