Being pioneer in Bathroom and kitchen refinishing, Super Glaze is proudly offering below given services to its clients. Choose from our below given services or call us for our unlimited range of cleaning and resurfacing services to change the look of your kitchen and bathroom.

Bath Tubs

With time bathtubs and sinks get out of shape and color. The only solution left with you is either to replace them or to get them resurfaced. Resurfacing is always cheaper and finer than replacing the existing bathtubs and that is Super Glaze provides outstanding bathtubs refinishing services to its clients.


Tile or Fiberglass Surround

Our innovative retiling solutions are designed to cut down the costs of getting new tiles installed. No matter what color tiles you have, we can refinish and repaint them in any color of your choice without any single damage to their strength.


Enclosed Shower

Enclosed showers often become dirty and out colored with continuous use and that is why Super Glaze is offering refinishing enclosed shower services for its respected clients.


Fiberglass Shower Unit

Get your fiberglass shower units cleaned and refinished from Super Glaze and save $$$ on purchasing new ones.


Wall Tile

Wall tiles are often prone to get weird and out colored with time but Super Glaze has solutions to restore their original color & beauty by refinishing them with top quality TOPKOTE refinishing products.


Formica Bath and Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen and Bath Formica cabinets can be recovered and beautified in a professional way! There is always a solution available other than replacing the Formica cabinets. We can refinish your kitchen and bath cabinets by giving them a brand new look!


Formica Countertops

Countertops are the most used places in Kitchen’s and bathrooms and that is why they need serious care and protection. But don’t worry if they are getting out of shape because we can repair and refinish all type of countertops and give them a new life with our special refinishing solutions.



White sinks are out colored or missing chips at various places? Call Super Glaze and get your Kitchen or Bath sinks refinished in 3-4 hours with great perfection. We can restore the beauty and look of your existing Sinks without removing them from their place or damaging anything around sinks!



Tiles floors often get out colored or pale with time and the best way to get them refinished is to call Super Glaze for their TOPKOTE solutions for floors. We offer a range of services for retiling, refinishing and reglazing of your bath and kitchen floors.