Why Topkote

First and foremost, Super Glaze uses TOPKOTE products exclusively because of their integrity and business ethic. Their customer service and training are impeccable. It is a system that was designed by a glazer of 25 plus years in the glazing business. Due to the numerous over the counter, big box stores products that were constantly failing, TOPKOTE was developed by a glazer for glazers because most products fail.  The TOPKOTE products were specifically formulated as a complete kitchen and bath refinishing system using the latest technology available in the 21st century. This system provides the most economical alternative to fixture replacement. The specially formulated Crosslink Adhesive bonds itself to the entire surface and becomes a permanent part of the fixture. The UR Glaze topcoat then bonds itself permanently to the Crosslink Adhesive becoming a solid surface much like the original porcelain finish. Super Glaze will bring your old tub back to the durability and stain resistance abilities of it when it was brand new. That’s our promise.


 TOPKOTE Products
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